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Animal Behaviourist & Expert Witness in Animal Law

Welcome to Animal Behaviour Consult Ltd, which is owned and managed by myself, Deborah Fry. I am a qualified and accredited animal behaviour counsellor and expert witness in animal-related law. By combining extensive experience and sound scientific knowledge, I provide the following services:


  • Animal behaviour consultations

    Animal behaviour consultations address issues including anxieties or fears, reactivity, separation-related issues, house soiling and repetitive behaviour.  I provide dog behaviour, cat behaviour and rabbit behaviour consultations.  Learn More >

  • Behaviour referral service for Veterinary Surgeons

    I offer a professional behavioural referral service for Veterinary Surgeons and their clients.  Learn More >

  • Animal behaviour assessments and reports for child adoption or fostering agencies

    If animal owners are applying to adopt or foster a child, I assess the behaviour and temperament of those animals. Learn More >

  • Animal behaviour or welfare expert witness services

    I provide expert witness services, to include a report-based unbiased expert opinion concerning the behaviour or welfare of domesticated dogs, cats or rabbits. Learn More >

  • Peer-reviewed published articles

    I have written animal behaviour articles which have been peer-reviewed and published. Learn More >

  • Teaching and supervision

    For those working towards clinical animal behaviourist accreditation, I provide regular teaching and supervision opportunities. Learn More >

Enjoy browsing the site, and please do contact me with any queries.