Expert Witness Services

Animal behaviour and welfare science is well developed; therefore experts are regularly called upon in animal-related court cases. I am a Full Member (vetted) of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI) and am registered as an Expert Witness with the Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC). I am able to provide expert witness services to include a report-based unbiased expert opinion concerning the behaviour and/or welfare of domesticated dogs, cats or rabbits. My expert witness work is nationwide and occasionally international.

I have experience of providing unbiased opinions and reports on the welfare and behaviour of animals in criminal and civil cases related to section 4 of the Animal Welfare Act 2006, the Animals Act 1971, and where owners are facing prosecution under sections 3(1) and (4) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 and under section 1(3) of the Dangerous Dogs Act 1989. I have attended court, both in-person and via video-conferencing, to give evidence as required. I have worked alongside a national animal welfare charity, instructing solicitors and police forces. Expert reports, with pertinent references to animal behaviour science, are prepared and presented to the court and, where appropriate, they include recommendations for the animals future behaviour and management.

If you are a solicitor seeking an expert, please contact me directly for further information.

If you are implicated in court proceedings related to an animal, please contact me directly for further information. If you have not already instructed a solicitor, I will advise you to do so. I then review all case details before conducting a behaviour and/or welfare assessment of the animal(s) concerned, where possible. This takes place in the owners home or in holding kennels, as appropriate. If an in-person assessment is not possible, I review all available case documentation and evidence. A report is then prepared and I attend court hearings in-person or via video-conferencing as required.

Banned Dog Breeds

I am insured to work with banned dog breeds under certain conditions. The dog must be registered with The Index of Exempted Dogs (IED) and must be covered by Public Liability Insurance. The IED and Public Liability Insurance certificates must be sent to me at the enquiry or booking stage, so that I can share these with my professional insurer. If I am required to work directly with more than one dog and one or more of these dogs are of a banned breed, I must contact my insurer to clarify my insurance status. The owners of banned breed dogs will need to strictly adhere to The Index of Exempted Dogs conditions at all times regarding ensuring that their dog is neutered and microchipped, and muzzled and on a lead no greater than one metre in length in public areas. In all other scenarios including Expert Witness ones, I need to contact my insurer with individual case details for clarification. 





By combining extensive experience and sound scientific knowledge, I provide the following services.

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Animal behaviour consultations

Animal behaviour consultations address concerns such as anxiety, fear, phobias, frustration, aggression, separation-related issues, house soiling and repetitive behaviour. I provide dog, cat and rabbit behaviour consultations.

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Behaviour referral service for Veterinary Surgeons

I offer a professional behavioural referral service for Veterinary Surgeons and their clients.

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Animal behaviour assessments & reports for child adoption or fostering agencies / Social Services / School Dog Assessments

If animal owners are applying to adopt or foster a child, or on referral from social services or in cases of school dogs, I assess the behaviour and temperament of animals within the home or school.

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Animal behaviour or welfare expert witness services

I provide criminal or civil act expert witness services, to include a report-based unbiased expert opinion concerning the behaviour or welfare of domesticated dogs, cats or rabbits. I also attend court where necessary.

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Peer-reviewed published articles

I have written animal behaviour articles which have been peer-reviewed and published.

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Teaching and supervision

For those with a level 6 or above academic qualification who have CCAB pre-certification and are therefore working towards their CCAB accreditation, I can provide teaching and supervision opportunities.

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