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Published Information

I have written a number of animal behaviour articles which have been peer-reviewed and published. These include the following:

Companion Animal Journal - November 2018 (Volume 23, Issue 11). Human-directed aggression in rabbits: a behavioural case study. See: https://www.magonlinelibrary.com/doi/10.12968/coan.2018.23.11.644

Companion Animal Journal - July 2018 (Volume 23, Issue 7). House soiling by cats: two case studies with contrasting behavioural diagnoses and treatment approaches. See: https://www.magonlinelibrary.com/doi/10.12968/coan.2018.23.7.376

Companion Animal Journal - August 2016 (Volume 21, Issue 9). Clinical forum: resource guarding (co-author). See: https://www.magonlinelibrary.com/doi/10.12968/coan.2016.21.9.526

Several articles for the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC).

Please contact me for further information.